A footballer's agreement

dubai footballers agreement
Sportsmanship above all

Our players

Our ambassadors

What we expect from our players is not limited to hard work, training & winning matches. we aim to nurture better individuals who can represent the club in a respectful manner while inside the club as well as out in social gatherings.
All members of Alliance Football Club are considered ambassadors of the club and are expected to promote “Humility, Hard Work & Team before self. These values are not just applicable to the game of football! they apply to everything in life.

Both In Football & In Life:

football ambassadors
The badge you wear is your identity.

Player's Code of Conduct

Alliance FC continues to vigorously strive for the highest standards of sportsmanship in youth football. Every participant; whether player, coach, coach’s assistant, parent, family member, guardian or spectator has a responsibility to comply with and 

These acts may result in the exclusion of a player from the club: