Beach Football Sessions

Dubai beach football kids

The outbreak of the coronavirus & the precautionary measures taken by KHDA has forced us to stop our regular training sessions.
However, the current situation didn’t prevent us from taking our players to Dubai’s prestigious Kite Beach!
Our young footballers participated in fun fitness games and then transitioned into fast-paced tournament games. This light-hearted beach environment helped players get back to their roots; playing in bare feet and no shin guards, players were able to appreciate the joy of the beautiful game. That being said, the Alliance Beach Games did not lack its competitive side; all the boys who participated enjoyed the bragging rights associated with a good win in each match.

In these tough times, the Alliance Football Club is trying it’s best to bring the community together and create a positive fun environment for its players and families. We hope these beach games will, not only, help our player maintain their training, but will provide families with an opportunity to enjoy Dubai’s Kite Beach.
These sessions are free of charge and exclusively for The Alliance Family.

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