Commitment Cup 2019 Winners | U8s, U10s & U12s

Dubai Junior Football

Congratulations to our U8s , U10s & U12s teams for winning the Dubai Commitment Cup 2019.

Every season we participate at Dubai Commitment Cup, which is held at Dubai Sports City’s indoor football pitches.

U8s Team:

Most of our U8s boys & girls moved up from U6s age group this season, and they participated in their first-ever U8s tournament!

On their journey towards the finals, They faced different kinds of challenges such as rotating the goalkeeper every match & playing against older players.

The U8s won the cup by winning 2-0 in the final.

U10s Team:

Playing seven matches without a substitute was not an easy task for our players. 

The intensity of each match meant our players had to use their energy wisely throughout the tournament.

Boys played their best football in the last 7 minutes of the final match when they were 0-2 down but came back to win 5-2.

The display of character and mental strength our players was the highlight of the tournament.


U12s boys had a marvellous run from the first game to the finals by playing “Beautiful Football”.

The target was to enforce a possession-based game on the opposition by playing “RPO (Receive, Pass, & Offer).

The victory in the commitment cup is seen as a reward for our U12s players. It’s been a difficult time for Our U12s as they’ve been competing at the most challenging league in Dubai.

We end 2019 on a high note and look forward to resuming training on Sunday, 5th of January 2020.

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