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A Dubai football school is holding an open day to showcase new training techniques they’re using to produce the stars of tomorrow.

The Alliance Academy is rolling out coaching methodology used at Ajax and Borussia Dortmund, which concentrates on nurturing independent, creative and problem solving on the pitch.

The coaching methods are based around four key areas: non-verbal communication, decision-making, executing those decisions and football conditioning.

“Football coaching methods haven’t changed for many years,” says Mehran Rowshan, director of the Alliance Academy. “Clubs still look at the players in the same way, there’s no personal touch because it’s a team sport, so we’re changing that.”

Rowshan, a former player him- self, has brought in a new way of thinking to the academy, which was first seen in Holland.

“Ajax basically work on the communication between players, which isn’t always verbal, it can be body language and players know- ing where team-mates are without even looking at each other. Then there is the decision-making, which is the difference between average players and world-class players,” Rowshan tells Sport360°.

“We have had the pleasure of ac- cessing Ajax’s training methods and we are now implementing them at our academy. The aim is not to create soldiers but mould different players who play to their strengths.

“We trialled the methods last May and it was very successful. We allowed young players to make mis- takes without correcting them, we put them in a situation where they can make the decision and see the results. The coach is always there to help but we don’t want anyone other than the player to make the decision, because we want them to learn that way.”

futuristic football dubai
Alliance Academy to stage state-of-the-art open day for talented youngsters

Players at the Alliance Academystart as young as four and can stay until the age of 18. It provides op- portunities for members to play overseas and in fact one player has just joined Malaga in Spain.

Another success story is a female goalkeeper who is now train- ing with Middlesbrough Women. The Dubai-based academy also has close ties with Valencia and each year players head to Spain during Easter to train alongside the club.

Members train up to five times a week at the academy, which is based at Sunmarke School, Jumei- rah Village. Prices per term start at AED 2200 for two training ses- sions a week, for ten weeks. A free open day is being held on Friday for youngsters looking to get a taster of what the academy offers. To apply visit AllianceFootballClub.com.

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We put players in a position for them make a decision and see the results. Young players can learn from their mistakes more than from the classic coach’s vocal instruction.

Mehran Rowshan


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