Goalkeeping Department

Goalkeepers are an essential part of Alliance Academy. We heavily invest in our goalkeepers as they’re vital to our team’s success.

Goalkeepers are the last line of defence & first line of offence. It’s no longer a shot-stopping job, in other words, goalkeeper’s roles have evolved. Goalkeepers must be able to comfortably play with feet which means they are the ones who start the build-up of play for the team.

Our specialised goalkeeping coaches are involved continuously with our goalkeepers before, during & after training sessions.

Our goalkeepers training directly with our goalkeeping coaches on Fridays and then join the team sessions where the outfield coaches will take over their development responsibilities from the goalkeeping department. Goalkeepers should not be isolated from the outfield players, after all, players will be playing the same game together.

Goalkeepers get to experience a higher level of coaching during our international trips.

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character building through football

Individual Attention

Every individual is different and makes her/him unique, and we believe that the attention should also be provided individually.

Long Term Development

Short-term ambition does not allow long-term success which we focus on.

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Competitive Matches

Goalkeepers develop with each game, and we provide the opportunity for them to play in top leagues of Dubai.

Team Training

Goalkeeping training sessions are merged into the team practices, preventing any isolation of our goalkeepers from the team.

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