International goalkeeper coaches conference 2018

international goalkeeping confrence 2018

Our goalkeeping head coach’s trip to the United States was a great experience and an excellent platform to network with some of the best goalkeeper coaches in the world.

Coach Sohail participated in the three day International Goalkeeper Coaches Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, organised by Phil Wheddon, focusing on the modern goalkeeper and engaging in workshops touching areas such as the tactical behaviour of the goalkeeper, managing and developing goalkeepers fitness, goalkeeping philosophy and methodology and innovations in goalkeeper development and much more.

Besides the experience gained through group activities conducted in the classroom followed by practical sessions on the field, it also allowed him to connect with industry experts and build a strong relationship with the likes of GK Nexus, Keeperstop, GK One, and many more goalkeeper coaches from across the globe. The real take away of the conference was the diversity and space that allowed discussions and ideas to flow during the theoretical and practical sessions. 

The role of the goalkeeper coach defers from foundation to professional level, but learning from experts of matter working with top European teams such as Liverpool FC and Borussia Dortmund, provided coach Pedari with a great insight that allows him to bring the knowledge into his philosophy and practice sessions in Alliance Football Academy.

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“The best investment in any education is if it brings diversity and allows different methods to merge and develop new and innovative ways to develop goalkeepers, and I am looking forward to participation in the IGCC 2019 in California and strengthening my relationship with the global network of coaches I have built”.

Sohail Pedari

Goalkeeping Head Coach

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