Introduction of “High Tempo Selection” Sessions

High Tempo Selection

In line with our long-term vision to give our players the highest level of football education we are now introducing “High Tempo Selection (HTS)” on Mondays”. 

These sessions are fundamentally vital for the consistent development of our top players as we’re making sure our prime players train with each other at a high-quality level.

We’re starting High Tempo Selection Sessions with our U14s team.

Only 16 players have been carefully selected from a group of 80 players to attend our “High Tempo Selection ” sessions on Mondays.

Alliance Dubai HTS

Getting chosen to train in HTS is an achievement however it’s a start to a more challenging path for our top players. We expect a high level of commitment from all players in all sessions.

Full details of these HTS sessions cannot be announced but here are a few points about these sessions:

Higher APM rate (Action per minute).

More intensity in decision making.

More focus on the tactical aspect of the game.

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