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Gulf News Publication on 5th July 2018.

Excellent decision.

Helps make the sport fairer, however, there’s room for improvement

“Traditionally when a referee makes a mistake, everybody in the world could instantly see it on television through reviews. There have been so many clear and obvious mistakes, which regularly take place due to human error regarding with respect to the referee. These could have easily been avoided if referees get assistance from outside the pitch. Fifa’s new leadership has been brave enough to introduce VAR at the 2018 World Cup. However, there’s no denying that VAR has brought controversy and maybe it takes away a bit of instant joy and emotions from classic football moments.

There is plenty of room for improvement such as each team getting a chance to protest or question a decision in each half.

It’s early to judge VAR as Fifa is still learning how to implement the technology but in the long run, VAR is a progressive move that will eliminate injustice in football.”

Mehran Rowshan’s view on Video Assistant Referee.

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