Not Just Football!

At the first glance football might look like just any sport, but in reality, it can be the best teacher any kid can ever have. Football will act as a person’s life guide for decades. Its teachings go beyond the football pitch and stay with the player forever.

We educate young individuals about life through football.

Alliance Gives

Charity begins from home but should not end there.

Every season members of Alliance Family donate their football kits (shoes, shirts, shorts, socks, goalkeeping gloves) to children in needs through our charity football clinics d in Africa.

More than 500 pieces of football accessories were handed out to +200 young footballers in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in August 2018.

football charity initiative


The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t stop the #AllianceGives charity initiative.

 We were able to send a limited quantity of donation to The city of Enugu in Nigeria 🇳🇬. A special thanks to Coach Edu for making this happen!


“The #AllianceGives project has brought joy and smiles on many faces of less privileged kids in Africa over the years, and this year I happened to be a part of the privileged team…it was a thing of joy, I personally derived inspiration from being a part of the project. In the process of distributing those donated materials to those children(young players) out there in Enugu, Nigeria. I realized how blessed I have become and actually it brought me memories of growing up like them on the streets of Enugu Nigeria and playing football barefoot. Now I feel the need to do more, give them more and to encourage those talented young kids become better players and better people in the future and for the society…Thank you Alliance”

Edu Darlington



We were out of kits in minutes as some so many boys & girls wanted football kits. They often play on streets without football kits which made this event even more joyful.
The most famous items were goalkeeping gloves & footballs which are rare to find.”

Yenny Dejene


Football Coaching Dubai

One of the values we promote is “humility” which goes way beyond the football pitch. Our members are always encouraged to involve themselves in charity in any way possible.

Mehran Rowshan





During our 2018 Spain Trip and on top of training & matches, We encouraged our players to read a book after breakfast and before heading to training.

2018 winners

1st Place Winner – Faris Al Assam

 2nd Place Winner – Alex Khalaf 

3rd Place Winner – Zydan Naseeb