Odd Socks Week | Anti-bullying week

Odd socks week

Odd Socks Week is part of the Anti-Bullying Week.  It is a chance to celebrate that we are all unique.

All we ask is that our players wear odd socks during training between Sunday 10th-16th of November.  Remember we still need everyone to wear shin guards.

Here are some of the topics that we’ll be discussing with our players this week:


Different kinds of bullying:

  •  Emotional: being unfriendly, excluding (emotionally and physically) sending hurtful text messages, tormenting, (e.g. hiding football boots/shin guards, threatening gestures). 
  • Physical: pushing, kicking, hitting, punching or any use of violence
  • Racist: racial taunts, graffiti, gestures
  • Discrimination: comments, jokes about disabled people, sexist comments.
  • Verbal: name-calling, sarcasm, spreading rumours, teasing & trolling.


What should I do if I know of a player who’s being bullied?


What should I do if I am being bullied or harassed?

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