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Alliance Family

Football is a team sport; therefore it can’t be played on own. Each moment regardless of its nature must be shared with other individuals called team-mates. For instance, scoring a beautiful goal or losing in penalties of a competition.
Win or lose! We are all in it together. Like a family and as a tribe! We are there for each other in happy & tough times!

What "Alliance Family" means for players:

Alliance Dubai HTS

High Tempo Selection Sessions

In line with our long-term vision to give our players the highest level of football education we are now introducing “High Tempo Selection (HTS)” on Mondays”.
These sessions are fundamentally vital for the consistent development of our top players as we’re making sure our prime players train with each other at a high-quality level.
We’re starting High Tempo Selection Sessions with our U14s team.

How different is HTS Sessions?

Strive to progress

Strive To Progress

On your journey to improve as a Footballer, you will have some good days and some bad days. Never have the mindset that you will be perfect all the time. Instead, focus on the small steps that will help you achieve your goals; consequently, This applies to everything else in life!” 

 Strive To Progress, Not Perfection!

What "Strive To Progress" means for players:

Beautiful Football

Beautiful Football

Football has evolved, it’s much faster than ever before. Players are required continuously to fulfil their duties on the pitch as the success of a team is directly connected to its collective play.

Superstars sometimes shine their involvement in their team’s victory however is not as visible as before. The productivity level of a team & the non-verbal communication of its members will most of the time define its success. At Alliance Academy we want our teams to play within a specific style. Whether its Brazil, Spain, Pep Guardiola, Messi, Ronaldo… all of them have one thing in common! That’s playing “Beautiful Football”!  The term “Beautiful Football.”

should be embedded in our mentality the same way as “Strive to progress”.

What "Beautiful Football" means for players: