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Our Players = Our Pride

We’re proud to have some of Dubai’s top footballers. The standards of commitment & dedication are as high as it can be, therefore making it easier for the coaches to work with players towards success. Know more about our philosophy, methodology & values.

All players are expected to act as a professional athlete both on & off the pitch, after all, it’s the attitude that defines one’s success.

We demand hard work & at the same time dedication from our players as in the long run, the best things come to those who wait.

Meet our players

The individuals who form The Alliance Family

kyra wilson and her football development
Kyra Wilson

I see myself as a leader and a team player, and I care about the overall prosperity of the team because I realise that football is a sport that cannot merely be won by individual effort. However, I am prepared to fight for my place at top keeper, and I will not stop until I accomplish my goal.

Ashley Wilson Dubai Goalkeeper
Ashley Wilson

I see myself as a hard worker, and I like a challenge set by myself or by a coach and I’m willing to do anything to achieve that. I’m ready for anything u throw at me coach and I will take it in my stride

Amir Dasmal Dubai Footballer
Amir Dasmal

I see myself as a talented, small but good footballer. I have improved since I was very young and since I have joined Alliance. I improved my speed, my touch and my vision on the ball

Ali Salaam player
Ali Salaam

I play right wing and striker, and enjoy playing striker. Look forward to next seasons challenges

Ramzi Haroun

I strike the ball with insane power! I am your friend on the side but on the pitch, I am your worst enemy!

Carson D'Mello
Majed Faqiri midfielder
Majed Faqiri
Mohammad Faqiri
Mohammad Faqiri
Shahab El farra
Rashid Salaam

I play midfielder and I wanted to be captain but I couldn't. And I am the best at skills so I hope I can be captain

Hamad Bin Khatem U14s
Hamad Bin Khatem
one the best players at our club
Raja Mansour

I see myself as a passionate and motivated football player, I am also a quick learner and I try to support and motivate my teammates as much as possible so the whole team plays better

U14s player
Kanaan Jabi
Elbek Makhmudov
Ali Elhelaly
Dubai young goakeeper
Taha Farahani
Dubai pro footballer
Saif Alhammouri
the explosive midfielder
Hassan Salari
Player profile Armin mohammadi
Armin Mohammadi Azad
Mohammad Hossein Shams
Zydan Naseeb
Amyar Fath Alipour

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