An Eco-Friendly Football Club

Eco-Friendly footballer

Alliance Football Club has been awarded the prestigious accolade of the Sports Pioneer Award 2021, recognising our dedication to becoming the Middle East’s First Eco-Friendly Club.

Middle East's first eco-friendly club

Mother Earth needs our attention. We all need to make significant changes to the way we live every day over the next decade; otherwise, the harm we've caused to this beautiful planet will be unchangeable. Earth-friendly practices require the cooperation of everyone in society.

Earth-Loving Footballer

Alliance FC strives to become the first eco-friendly football club in the Middle East by educating its members about the importance of taking simple but significant steps towards being an "Earth-Loving Footballer." Players are consistently encouraged to reduce, reuse, and recycle and embrace the other basics of environmental responsibility.

Cut down on plastic

The Alliance Bag

We pride ourselves in being an eco friendly football club. As a club, when we work together we can reach incredible milestones in order to do our part to save the environment we live in. Over the past few years we have mainly lead our eco friendly campaign with discouraging the usage of single use plastic bottles, instead players are encouraged to use their Alliance stainless steel bottles. This alone may seem like a small gesture, however it has a phenomenal impact. Alliance players save approximately 80,000 plastic bottles per season from entering the environment simply by using their Alliance stainless steel bottles.

With the great success we have had so far, we would like to take our eco friendly campaign to the next level. Therefore, we are introducing the Alliance Canvas bag. This is a multipurpose bag that can be used for shopping, sports, the beach, and quite literally anything else you can think of. Instead of using a plastic bag, opt to use the Alliance Bag. We would like to provide each family with a complimentary Alliance Bag, please feel free to approach us and receive yours

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What is the Alliance Bag used for?

No Plastic bottles on the pitch

Switch to Alliance Bottle

Alliance players save around 80,000 plastic bottles every season by using their stainless steel water bottles.
No plastic bottles are allowed on any of Alliance’s football pitches, this applies to players & coaches.
The Stainless steel bottles are environmentally friendly, they keep the water colder for much longer, and they save money.

Facts about plastic bottles: