The Art Of Coaching

Football coaching can be exquisite but, at the same time, a challenging job. What makes a coach qualified? is it having a piece of paper called a “certificate”? Accumulation of experience? Or the nationality of a coach?.
Football is an art and indeed a majestic one! The most crucial part of Football coaching is having the right state of mind and being patient with every player.
A football coach needs to be in control, but at the same time, they must always be the player’s godfather & best friend. Football development is directly connected to a player’s character development; hence, a football coach will only be able to build a better footballer if they can develop that individual as a person in the first place.
We’re highly selective about hiring coaches as we believe the essential element of any education is the coaches/teacher.

our quarterly coaches workshop f
Alliance holds internal workshops for its coaches. Learning never stops.

Our Coaches

We are very selective when it comes to recruitment.
Coaches are the most influential people who deal with kids every day. 

All of our coaches 

Dubai football coaching staff
What a teacher is, is more important than what he/she teaches.​

Football Coach

Meet the team


Mehran Rowshan is a pioneering sports and life coach in Dubai. Specialising in coaching children, teenagers and young adults, Mehran is a highly-trained and trusted professional with 15+ years of experience working in the field of sports and youth coaching. 

Shauna Duffy

Operation Manager / Head of Girls Football

Shauna obtains her UEFA B Licence and is currently completing her UEFA A Licence based in the UK. She has completed her Undergraduate Degree in Sports Coaching and Development, graduating with First Class Honours, along with a Masters in Sports Research in the UK. Shauna has 10 year’s coaching experience working within girl’s elite academies in the UK, specifically with Liverpool FC for the last 6 years. She also has vast experience with Senior Players, working with numerous Open Age Women’s Clubs in the UK. 

Danny O’Reilly

Coach, Nutritionist & Conditioning Coach

Danny completed his Undergraduate degree in Sports Science in the UK. He has obtained a Masters in Exercise and Nutrition and a Higher Diploma in Physical Education. Danny has continued to attain his UEFA coaching badges from Football Association of Ireland and has experiences coaching in America, Brazil, Canada and Liverpool Football Club.

Lisa Hayhoe


Lisa played for Arsenal and Watford Centre of Excellence. She has coached at Watford, Middlesex & Arsenal.

Nikki Regalado

Club Administrator

Nikki is a former Philippines national team player. She’s in charge of the club’s administration.

James Roberts


James is a qualified football coach from Liverpool, UK. He has coached for several years, across various ages and in numerous places. His coaching experiences consist of working in the UK, USA and UAE. Additionally, He has also taught and coached within a high-security penitentiary in the United Kingdom.

Yenny Dejene


Yenny is a former professional footballer who has obtained his UEFA coaching badges from The F.A. England. Having coached players aged 4 to 18 year old, he has extensive coaching experiences in UAE & United States.  Yenny has worked with Arsenal Soccer Schools Dubai and a few soccer academies in the United States.

Ross O'Toole


Ross Otoole is a professional football coach from Ireland. 
Ross’s speciality is helping younger kids build the technical foundation required to become a footballer. Ross holds a BSC in Physical Education.

Edu Darlington


Edu is a qualified coach who’s registered with FIFA. He believes in developing footballers who can play a fluid collective game.  

Ondřej Piškula

Football Coach

UEFA A license coach

Leslie Tafadzwa


Leslie is a UEFA qualified coach with decades of experience in coaching children.

Milad Fakurian

Visual Identity Designer

Milad is in charge of our Visual Identity.