Health & Safety

Covid-19 & Beyond

Health & Safety

At Alliance FC, the safety and well-being of our students, staff and parents are of the highest importance.
Further to the Dubai government's instructions, We have implemented enhanced safety protocols to ensure the safety of our students at our club.

COVID-19 | Health & Safety Protocol

Facility & equipment Sanitation

The facilities & all equipment used will be sanitized before & after training.

Only players allowed

No parents or spectators are allowed to enter the facilities. Parents to drop off & pick up the players at the door.

Temperature screening

Temperature Screening

All players & coaches will be screened at enterance

Masks On

Players must wear a face mask before & after training. It can be lowered during intense training

More coaches / Less players

More coaches supervising the sessions. Less players in each group.

Social Distancing

There will be no physical contact between coaches and players. Social Distancing (2 meters) should always be observed between players between the break, before & after the sessions.

No contact with equipment

We will only use footballs for training. Players (except GK) will not touch the ball with their hands, even for throw-ins.

No water dispenser

The water dispenser will not be available. Players to bring their own water bottles.

Frequently Asked Questions

On top of Dubai Sports Council’s guidelines, We follow the UK’s Health & Safety Act.

Yes, all students are screened upon arrival.

Those with a temperature above 38 degrees Celsius are not allowed to enter.

Yes, all students are screened upon arrival. Those with a temperature above 38 degrees Celsius are not allowed to enter.

No. Access to training is limited to players only.
This is part of the precautionary measures taken by KHDA & Dubai Sports Council to safeguard our boys & girls. No spectators are allowed.

Parents should drop off the students at the entrance and pick them up from the same spot.

Yes. At least one health & safety officer (UK Level 3) is always present during the training sessions. All staff are first aid trained.

For players younger than five, Only one family member can stay for a maximum of 2 training sessions. Young kids get used to their surroundings quickly.

According to the Dubai Government’s instruction, all sports activities can last for a maximum of 60 minutes. We will resume back to 75 minutes (for U6s/U8) & 90 minutes (for U10s and above) as soon the restrictions are lifted.